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Sean O’Brien


Sean O’Brien is a professional windsurfer representing Australia on the PWA World Tour. He currently holds the record for the most Australian windsurfing titles won by any windsurfer at 11 titles. Currently living in Warsaw, Poland with his family, Sean is a member of the Severne Sails International Pro Team and the Starboard Dream Team for windsurfing as well as a former Australian Sailing Team coach & mentor, supporting Australian Olympic Team athletes.

Without question, one of Australia’s finest windsurfers; Sean’s skillset also includes coaching, having worked for a number of years as the Queensland State High-Performance Sailing Coach for the Olympic Windsurfing Class and coaching Australian Sailing Team members to Gold at the 2009 ISAF World Cup in Melbourne, Australia.

“Competing on the Windsurfing World Tour over the past 15 years has put incredible stress on my body. One of the most important parts of my training is the work I do OFF the water, to keep strong, fit and prevent injuries. This program is my own personal training program, specifically developed with Nic over the past years for myself and for the athletes I coach. I can do these programs with or without a gym, wherever I am on the planet, with equipment that can fit in my travel bag”.

Sean Obrien Pwa World Tour

Nic Pillonel


Nic Pillonel is a certified Personal Trainer in Australia & Switzerland, internationally recognised by FISAF – Federation Internationale des Sports, Aerobics and Fitness. He is a specialist in strength and conditioning and Swiss Ball exercises.

Born in Switzerland, his life has always focused on sport and fitness. From his early days in competitive athletics to competing in Ironman Triathlons as an adult, Nic understands what athletes need when it comes to training, nutrition and general health maintenance.

Since moving to Australia he established Superfit Personal Training, a business dedicated to helping people reach their health and fitness goals. One element of the business includes working with professional and elite athletes. Having spent a lot of time working with Sean and improving his windsurfing, together they spent four years developing and fine-tuning this brand new fitness program specifically for windsurfers.